Thursday, June 24, 2021

The laboratory of the faculty of Persian Medicine has a space of about 30 m2, which consists of three sections, including space for analyzing instruments, drug manufacturing space and herbarium. Equipments such as micro-centrifuge, UV spectroscopy, optical microscope and loop microscope are available in the analyzing section. Rotary evaporator, water bath, incubator, oven, autoclave, sieve shaker, sieves in different size, magnetic heater stirrer, classic laboratory heater, vacuum pump, digital lab scale (0.001, 0.1), semi industrial mill, buchner funnel, clevenger apparatus, soxhelet apparatus and glass distillation set are other equipments that can be utilize in the laboratory. Different size of pots and glass equipment such as erlenmayer flask, laboratory balloon, … are also available. Herbarium section includes more than 100 plant spices belonging to different plant family.